PRAVAH…….Jeevan Ki Dhara

(A Social Unit of DYPSOM)


An initiative of



Dr D.Y.Patil Knowledge City,

Charoli Bk, Via Lohegaon

Pune-412105 (Maharashtra) INDIA

020-67077911 / 9325082268 

Constitution of Body
SN Name Designation Role
01 Dr E B Khedkar Director Patron
02 Dr Goutam Saha Dean-Academics President
03 Ms Khushboo Kumari Student Vice President
04 Mr Shubham Gupta Student Secretary
05 Ms Monika Pallipurathukaran Student Member
06 Anand Soni Student Member
07 Ms Vaishali Saxena Student Member
08   Student Member
09 Ms Shubhangini Ghutkey Student Member
10 Ms Sagorika Sarkar Student Member
11 Mr Sudharsh Gupta Student Member

The Philosophy of Edu-Socio Connect……

Social change may take place – when humans need change. When the existing social system or network of social institutions fails to meet the existing human needs and when new materials suggest better ways of meeting human needs. The role of education as an instrument of social change and social development is widely recognized today.

Management Education can initiate social changes by bringing about a change in outlook and attitude of man. It can bring about a change in the pattern of social relationships and thereby it may cause social changes.

Management Education can initiate social changes by bringing about a change in outlook and attitude of man. It can bring about a change in the pattern of social relationships and thereby it may cause social changes.

D.Y.Patil School of Management, Lohegaon, Pune has initiated Edu-Socio Connect activity & we are determined to play a major role in equalizing opportunities in three ways.

  1. By making it possible for all those who have the desire to be educated and the ability to benefit by that facility;
  2. By developing a content of education which will promote the development of a scientific and objective outlook.
  3. By creating a social environment of mutual tolerance based on religion, language, caste, class, etc. for providing equal opportunities of social mobility to all individuals in society, and for providing equal opportunity to secure good education is crucial.


Pravah is an initiative taken by Dr. D Y Patil School Of Management, Lohegaon, Pune. We provide awareness to ensure a proper hygienic life to the workers. Our main motto is to make them aware of the Sanitation. All the workers have a right to basic facilities such as clean toilets, safe drinking water, clean surroundings and basic information on hygiene.

Workers on construction sites normally migrate from one place to another in search of a livelihood. Families on the construction site often live under unhygienic conditions without electricity and clean drinking water.

PRAVAH ensures access to safe drinking water and sanitation by:

  • Access to a safe water source and extraction facility,
  • Separate toilets for male and female workers,
  • Doors and adequate lighting to ensure privacy and safety.
  • It also ensures regular hygiene education to all workers and their families by:
  • Hand washing before handling food and after contact with faces,
  • Use of toilets,
  • Menstrual hygiene (education, access to sanitary napkins, toilets with cleaning and disposal facilities),
  • Garbage disposal.


The construction vertical of Pride group was established in 1995. It is headed by Mr. D.P. Jain & Mr. Arvind Jain. Under their stewardship, Pride Group has built and delivered over 10 million sq ft of constructed area in Bangalore and Pune, with over 40 million sq ft under construction across various real estate segments. One of the mega-township in Pune’s, Pride World City is being constructed by Pride Group.

There are around 700 workers working to construct this mega township.


There are labour camps build for the workers and their family members. It is situated around 2 kms far from the construction site. Each family members are provided with a small rooms and separate toilets for male and female.

They are provided with the light facility from 6 pm to 8 am.

Day Care At Pride World City

There is a special facility of day care and school for the children of the workers. It is run by “Tara Mobile Creches Pune”. It is a non-profit organization, set up in 2007, to ensure that migrant construction worker’s children enjoy the right to safety, healthcare, education, recreation and participation. Their vision is to promote child-friendly sites whereby every child living on a construction site is safe, healthy, educated and has a happy childhood.

The in-charge of Pride world city Day Care is Mrs. Puspa Gaikwad. She has been in this service for last 12 years.

The day care has around 95 total no. of children. All the children are categorized in different age groups- 0 to 3 years, 3 to 6 years and 6 to 14 years.

Working Hours:- 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

No. of Staffs:- 8

No. of helpers:- 2

They provide 3 times food for the children (Morning Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Snacks.

They arrange different activities from time to time such as karate, dance, Yoga etc.


We spend a whole day on 16th of September, 2017 with the workers of pride world city. We came to know about the ground reality of them. It’s an eye opener for us though they have their basic amenities but they have lack of knowledge of hygiene and sanitation. Thus Pravah group is here for them to make them aware of the proper hygiene and sanitation. We put a step towards the welfare of the workers to make them aware how to keep their toilets, surroundings clean and provide basic information on hygiene.

Though the Pride Group has provided the workers with the basic amenities, but as a part of the society its our responsibility to do something better for them from our part.


Having a talk with Pride workers.

Children showing their artistic talents.

Time slots of children’s fooding.

Hoardings to stop Child Labour