About Alumni Cell

Dr D Y Patil School of Management Alumni Association maintains a lifelong connection between the Alumni and the Institute. The Alumni are important stakeholders and valuable assets of the institute. The Alumni Association works to connect alumni, support students and build an unforgettable Institute experience through annual alumni meet.

The main motto behind the Alumni Association is to promote strong bond between alumni, students and the Institute and all the other stakeholders of our institute by creating a network which will in turn enable Alumni to remain engaged with their alma mater. An Alumni Association stands for its core values of excellence, lifelong relationships, lifelong learning, inclusiveness and diversity, global citizenship, advocacy of the institute at a local and global platform.

Industry being the most important stakeholder of any business school, Dr D Y Patil School of Management strives to continuously connect Industry with for the professional development and high-quality careers for its students. Alumni can play a role of catalyst in building great interactions and relations with Industry.

The Alumni association has been successfully working to bridge the gap between Academic world and Professional world through such activities. The Alumni Association continues to seek innovative ways to serve alumni by providing social, educational, and professional opportunities. We appeal to all the enthusiastic Alumni to contribute towards growth and progress of their Alma mater.

Objectives of Dr D Y Patil School of Management Alumni Association

  • To establish a mutually beneficial relationship and strong bonding between DYPSOM and its alumni through Alumni Meet.
  • To help Alumni Connect with the Institute and the students through various seminars, conferences and social activities and other academic programs.
  • To involve Alumni in the process of recruiting; mentoring, modelling, and guest teaching; career planning of students.
  • To improve the quality of teaching and learning at DYPSOM by continuously staying touch with practical world through Alumni.
  • To help the students of DYPSOM to get face-to-face access to the leading practitioners and thinkers from Industrial background through structured learning with valuable professional networking.