Library Rules
  • Keep Silence in the Library.
  • Do not keep your valuables at the library counter; if Misplaced or lost, Library staff will not be responsible for the same.
  • Members / users are not allowed to bring personal belongings, personal books, issued books, other printed Materials, and note books into the library.
  • Always carry your own Identity and library borrower card whenever entering the library.
  • Members / users should make the entry with all details in the library entry register.
  • Talking on Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Smoking, eating, sleeping and speaking loudly are strictly prohibited.
  • Library resources i.e. Books, Journals, computers & equipment’s should be handled with care.
  • Members / users should not mark, underline, write, fold or tear pages of the library resources, if found strict action will be taken.
  • Being an open-access, library users are advised to do not replace the books on the shelves after used. Leave the books on the reference table; library staff will be shelving it.
  • Book will be reissued / renewed, if there is no reservation.
  • Reference books / sources will not for home lending.
  • Special resources will not be issued i.e. Journals, project reports, Question Papers and Proceedings, Dictionary, Handbooks, Encyclopedias. To be permitted for photocopy in the Library.
  • Members / users are responsible for the loss / damage of books during the loan period.
  • Loss of books should be reported to the library immediately. It should be replaced with a new copy of the same.
  • Anyone who violates the rules and regulation of the Library may be debarred from using the Library facilities.
  • Suggestions on all aspects of library services are welcome.

“Your library is your paradise.”

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