Library Collections

With the support of the Director, faculty and the patronage of students, DYPSOM Library has grown enormously. The total collection is more than 6380 books, nearly 401 CD’s, 750 Project reports, e books- 1074, 50 Rare Books, there are 27 National and International, bound volume 241 Journals/Magazines and bound volumes of some prominent journals.

Library has subscribed 3 English and 2 local language newspapers. These are preserved for 3 months respectively. Library has enriched with the knowledge resources including Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Fiction, Literature, Motivational, Communication Skills, Change Management, Leadership Management, Aptitude, Competitive Examination and some of religious Books. These books are very useful to students for increase their Knowledge in Communication, Personality development, Confidence and life skill, Interview Skill. Also, it helps to increase their interest in reading Fiction and Biographies. The library has also purchased a very rich and popular collection in Management. I am very proud to mention some books –Goal by Goldratt, Toyota Way to Service Excellence by Liker, We the Nation, We the People by Nani Palkhiwala, Business Sutra by Pattanaik, D., Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by Prahalad, C.K., Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way, Interview Skill, Resume Writings and many more. We have also few Dictionaries in the Library which is enriched our reference section like Dictionary of Human Resource Management, Dictionary of Marketing, Oxford Dictionary, Dictionary of International Management, Dictionary of Accounting, Dictionary of Finance, Dictionary of Organizational Behavior. Library has some Fiction Books most of them in Marathi and English Language, would like to mention some here -Alchemist, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kite Runner, God of Small Things, Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish, all most all books by Sudha Murthy and many more… DYPSOM has a PhD Center, Library has special reference collection for the Research students. The library has provided e resources and database links to the research faculties.;

News Papers

  • Times of India
  • Economic Times
  • Financial Express
  • Sakal
  • Maharashtra Times
  • Library has subscribed 26 National and International Journals and some Magazines:
  National Journals
1 Abhigyan
2 Asian Journal of Management Cases
3 Journal of Digital Information Management
4 Business World
5 Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management
6 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations: Economics & Social Development
7 The Management Accountant
8 Indian Journal of Management
9 Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management
10 Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies
11 Journal of Organization and Human Behaviour
12 Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management
13 Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism
14 Asian Journal of Management
15 RBI Bulletin
16 South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management
17 Seminar
18 Journal of Knowledge Management Studies
19 Vikalpa Journal
  International Journals
1 International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices
2 International Journal of Banking Risk and Insurance
3 International Journal of Business Ethics in Developing Economies
4 International Journal of Information Technology and Knowledge Management
5 International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication
6 AIMS International Journal of Management
7 International Journal of Financial Management