Dr. D.Y. Patul School of Management has a glorious history of meritorious students passing out under various management programs. Many of them have achieved respectable positions in the corporate world. As a recognition of their achievements in various fields and to enlighten the current batch about practical corporate interface we have been hosting the Alumni Meet every year

Alumni Meet.
“Power of networking” needs to be exploited to nurture all the talents and resources of the Alumni. Alumni meet as an event enhances the relationship among the alumni and enables them to discuss on various issues. The alumni and the organizer agreed to strengthen the bond between the alumni and their alma mater and promised to organize such events in future.


  • It gives the current batch students a platform to know and recognize their seniors.
  • It gives an opportunity to the college administration to felicitate and reward the achievers.
  • It is a foundation for life long relationship wherein our alumni can provide encouraging and potential job opportunities to the students.

Seeing from the point of view of the alumni we can say:

  • It gives our alumni an opportunity to meet their batch mates and also they get an opportunity to interact with current students.
  • It is rendezvous phase where they can contribute towards the development of the college.

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    CEO - MMVP Cameron Michelin
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